This Is The Last Day

Today, June 30, is the last day of National Cancer Survivors Month.

June is national cancer survivors month

I posted about this celebration a few weeks back and even got a fair amount of attention because I included a photo of me and my oncologist, Dr. Iyer, at last year’s Light The Night Walk.

Well, just because this is the last day of the month-long celebration, doesn’t mean that the celebration stops after today, nor does it mean that research stops after today, nor does it mean that people won’t stop dieing after today (boy I wish that were not true!), nor does it mean that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society stops needing your money after today, nor . . . !

Earlier this week I spent half the day at The Methodist Hospital in Houston’s Texas Medical Center (for those of you unfamiliar with this medical institution) getting a CT scan and lab work done, as is periodically required by my clinical trial. I won’t know the results until after Dr. Iyer reviews them. Generally, though, I feel alright and hope that my “almost complete remission” status remains so, if not, goes to CR (complete remission) status.

Thus far I’m one of the lucky ones; I’m still alive, and kicking (mostly). Sure, I have my aches and pains, especially from a cracked vertebra in my lower back, and a supposed allergic reaction to the chemo pills I take daily.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about where I would be were it not for the advances in research of blood cancer and the knowledge of physicians like Dr. Iyer and others about clinical trials. Or these four magical chemo pills, Venetoclax.

Simply stated, if it weren’t for the clinical trial in which I participate, and sponsor companies like Johnson & Johnson and Genentech, I would either be bankrupt, dead or both. Believe me, there’s nothing like a stiff bout of depression to cure what ails ya!

If you have a cancer and/or know of someone who does, join me in registering for and walking in this year’s Light The Night Walk. The Kickoff Luncheon for Houston is set for August 9 while the actual walk is on October 8. If you’re not in the Texas area, just contact the nearest office of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and they’ll help you out.

Here’s to a better, more positive outlook for all of us.


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