Happy Dad’s Day and Birthday Wishes!

Today is bittersweet. It’s Father’s Day. I lost Dad back in 1978. I miss him terribly.

It’s also my birthday. Please, no applause.

Yeah, it happens every once in awhile; my birthday on the same day as Father’s Day. I do, however, appreciate all the gracious FaceBook and LinkedIn birthday wishes. I may yet get some actual printed birthday cards – in the mail. Miracles still exist.

My emotions today seem to be all over the map. True, my wife, Pam, and I have been through Hell and back these last couple of years, and life’s been most trying these last couple of months. Today is no different other than being very quiet. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Maybe if Dad were still with me, we’d share a cocktail or two (him, Jim Beam, me, Jack Daniels). I’m sure a little philosophy would be tossed into the discussion while we watched the final round of golf’s United States Open.

Dad, you see, was my golfing partner and buddy. Though we did not live on the course, I felt I practically grew up on it – back in Lake Charles, LA.

He was also my advisor, along with my next-door uncle, June (my second Dad). Given what I’ve gone through as an adult and where my Journey has taken me thus far, I so miss his advice and counsel.

I usually spend a special hour every year on August 20 at 4PM, CDT. That was when he died. I prepare two drinks in two special glasses, filled with the afore-mentioned bourbons. We spend the next hour together, talking, crying, reminiscing.

I imagine I will do something similar today, but he’ll have to make do with Jack rather than Jim.

I don’t mean for this post to be a downer but I gotta tell it like I feel it. I’m sad and yet feel blessed that I’m still here. Cancer has not killed me! Now, if I can only get Pam to walk again with little help and be fully recovered from that insidious stroke.

That would make one helluva birthday present; hmmm, hers is coming up next Friday.

Meanwhile, Happy Dad’s Day, Daddy – even if it is on my birthday!  🙂



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