While I was attending a special weekend seminar at The Jung Center in Houston, I walked into the gift shop and found a greeting card of sorts. I had no intention of sending it to anyone, except perhaps, personally delivering it to, well, me.

I showed it to my friend and weekend host, Mr. Felix Scardino, author of The Pebble and the Canyon, and Felix suggested a one-word tweak in each of the four lines you see below. I modified those same lines ever so slightly but the meaning still resonates.


In each of the “more than” phrases, substitute “I” for “others” and see how that feels.

Let’s face it, Risk – more than I think is safe has a more profound feel to it than the way it is phrased on the card. Do we really care what others think? I’m sure we do a little, but we’re the ones who have to traverse our lives.

Both versions have an impact; putting “I” in the phrase makes it more personal and, perhaps, more meaningful, possibly even more powerful.

Dream – more than I think is practical.

It does for me, anyway.


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