The New War on Cancer

News is not always bad. There’s some good out there; you just have to sniff it out sometimes. Such is the case with cancer.

Unlike the infamous war on drugs, we may actually be winning this war. This new war on cancer, that is.

AARP March 2016 Bulletin

AARP released a fairly comprehensive story in the march edition of their Bulletin. The state of the cancer fight is promising and hopeful. We may indeed defeat this bastard.

As for me, I’m doing alright. The only signs of trouble seem to be the allergic reactions I’m having from the chemo pills I take each day for my Leukemia (CLL). Hopefully, I can get some medicine from my new dermatologist to alleviate this.

Otherwise, I’m still fighting the various potholes into which one falls when discussing life’s challenges with insurance companies, bureaucrats and miscellaneous idiots.

Don’t you like the diplomatic way I phrased that. Trust me, I have my days when I don’t care to do anything. That’s why you haven’t seen that many posts from me recently.

When I read this AARP report, I felt encouraged and wanted to spread the word. There have been other times when reading about incidents involving people, like me, fighting with and being rejected by insurance companies that just make me livid.

I can’t dwell on the negative. It’s not healthy! The story of our convoluted health care industry is being told and needs to continue being told.

The new war on cancer seems to be moving in the right direction.

Let’s pray it progresses.



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