Image Bank Features Only Photos of People With Cancer

Those of you thinking I had abandoned writing for this blog would be only slightly correct. Events in my life have caused several challenges and sometimes writing a blog post is not at the top of my priority list, no matter how earnestly I want to do so. Gotta start again some time and I thought this might be appropriate to begin . . . again. More posts to come.

Recently Creativity Magazine ran an article about an image bank featuring only photos of people with cancer.  Photos for Life is an online image bank that contains only photography of cancer sufferers and survivors. It was created by Isobar Poland for charity Rak n Roll Win Your Life Foundation, with all profits going to support therapy for cancer patients.

Blond lady spraying water with hose

Rak n Roll invited people from all over Poland to take part in the shoot, which was done by professional commercial photographers. The bank offers photos in categories you’d expect from a typical archive, such as Hobbies, Sport, Nature and more. The curated selection of a hundred stock photos is available for anyone to use, priced at $75 and up for photography in web, magazine, and book-friendly formats. When any of the photos are published, the credit includes an explanation and link to the Photos for Life site.

In a statement, Jacek Maciejewski, board member at Rak n Roll said: “Photos for Life proves that cancer is not a death sentence. That people with cancer have a normal live (sic), families, dreams and hobbies. They celebrate life. Every minute of it. Thanks to this project we are able to make them more visible to public to inspire others.”


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