Oh, yeah, then there’s that Leukemia.

Well, so much for thinking I’d write something about my personal journey every week! I meant to post something relevant before now. However, “life happens.”

When you have Leukemia, things don’t always turn out the way you think. I’ve also learned that I need a certain amount of energy to post something “semi intelligent.”

These past few weeks have seen my concentration focused on the lower part of my legs and its so-called cellulitis. Even though it’s being treated separately and/or differently than the Leukemia, it has more than gotten my attention because of the pain of the wounds. Presently, however, all but one are basically healed. This has been as a result of antibiotics and a multi-layer compression wrap.

Oh, to wear normal socks again!

A weekly visit to Dr. Salmon Aly and the Methodist Wound Care Center in Sugar Land coupled with a weekly visit from the home health folks seems to be doing the trick. I’ve almost forgotten – almost – that I still have a cancer in my body that needs to be eradicated. My still somewhat bloated stomach and visual evidence of weight loss are daily reminders.

This coming week promises to be rather interesting and nerve racking. In addition to the wound center visit, I have a second visit with my oncologist, Dr. Iyer, at Methodist Main. The initial visit was several months ago! Up to now, the only treatment I’ve taken is a newly approved cancer pill, Imbruvica or Ibrutinib, which has only been on the market less than a year. Thank you Johnson & Johnson. I’ve heard it shows great promise. However, I can’t help but wonder what other treatment Dr. Iyer will prescribe.

I keep telling myself to take things in stride, one day at a time. Most days I approach in segments. I must be clear headed in my work while trying to keep up with all this medical hub-bub. That’s a challenge.

Oh, and did I tell you that upon returning home around 6PM, my wife and I are just out of it. We both head to our comfortable spots and pretty much sack out for an hour or two. While my energy level has been near the bottom for months now, I’m told that fatigue is a side effect of Imbruvica.

When I began this blog a few weeks ago, I just wanted a way to express my feelings about where I am in life, dealing with an alternate path in my career while starting to cope with this disease. Don’t know if the cancer is connected or responsible for the leg ulcers which are now on the mend, but I also don’t care. I have had to deal with them.

As such, this blog is not meant for everyone. I’m not even sure yet how many pairs of eyes have even read one of these posts yet.

But for those of you who are undergoing cancer treatment or some other serious illness or challenge in life, maybe you’ll get something out of my journey.

I’ll stay positive if you will!


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