The Start of a Long Day’s Journey Into . . .

Some of you may know me, some may not. While I have an existing blog for creativity and advertising related topics,, I felt the need to begin a personal collection of thoughts, insights, opinions and observations about where I see myself headed right now.

Whew, long sentence.

Maybe it’s the writer in me, I dunno. It’s no accident that the theme name for this blog design is Hemingway Rewritten. Sorry, I can’t pass up doing something with “Papa” looking over my shoulder.

I also feel the need to capture in this blog my all-important sharing of what I’m going through as I begin a journey that until recently I did not know I had begun. It’s a journey involving my battle with Leukemia, CLL to be specific.

I turned 61 this past June. Earlier in the year, work as a freelance writer had been pretty steady. Then the bottom dropped out and no work ensued for several months. No one was hiring; contracts were being ended. At times, I was just left with my thoughts as to what I should do. Scary scenario.

Timing is everything, both good and bad, it seems. In the Spring, I was offered a position with an interactive agency as production manager. I accepted. I’ve known them for years. That’s Troy Burwell, CEO of 4Guys Interactive. That’s good.

During this same period of time, I went to a couple doctors to find out what was happening with my legs and my upper body. Both were significantly out of sorts and in dire need of medical attention. In May, I was diagnosed with Leukemia. Oh, and did I say that I didn’t have any insurance (still don’t).

That’s bad, or not so good.

Saying that I’ve been overwhelmed at times would be an understatement. Saying that I’ve been touched by various friends from my extended family would also be an understatement. So much has happened in a relatively short period of time. Yet, so much more remains to be done that I see this journey as just the beginning.

In addition to my main source of support and help, my wife, Pamela, one of my major partners has been the Dream Fund, a non-profit organization who provides support to those in the advertising and marketing industry during times of crisis. They’ve been there when I’ve needed it and will continue to be a major supporter.

Johnson & Johnson has also come through by supplying a chemo therapy pill through a clinical trial. I seem to have an unlimited supply of those right now. I’ve also been put in contact with a fellow who has and still is going through this. His existence was made known to me by way of the First Connection Program of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Texas Gulf Coast Chapter.

There are still resources available to me that I’m in the process of tapping. Yet, I need more clarity as to treatment. This, to date, is the majority of my frustration.

Since I don’t like long posts, I’ll wrap up this initial one now. It is my wish that by sharing my experiences with life’s challenges, others may gain a different perspective, and maybe even hope. Hell, I hope to gain some other perspectives should I hear back from any of you. Don’t be bashful.

Stay tuned . . .

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